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Client Optimization

U.S. Army Executive Administrative Support Services

The U.S. Army conducts national marketing, marketing analysis, and accessions analyses to ensure unity of effort and cost effectiveness in the marketing of the Army and each of the components of the Army. It develops best value strategies and tactics to inform the public and motivate the most qualified candidates to consider Army service. In support of this mission, IGS provides all personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform executive administrative support services.

U.S. Army Program Support Services

​The Army, like the other military departments, has long used symbols, insignia, logos, names, and phrases to identify itself to the public, and within the Army to identify and distinguish one component from another. When used as trademarks or service marks, Army-owned marks can serve the same function as marks in private enterprise. To date, the Army has approximately 260 authorized licensees, with numerous new license applications pending at any one time. IGS provides administrative support services in support of the Army Trademark Licensing Program (ATLP). These services include general office support services, mail support services, calendar maintenance and scheduling, correspondence support, property management, personnel support services, procurement and budget support, and special projects support. 

Department of Labor (DOL) Network Infrastructure Projects IDIQ

​IGS is the Prime contractor on this single-award, task order-driven IDIQ that supports 130 DOL locations across the United States. We use mature quality control procedures to ensure delivery of administrative support to an agency with dispersed employees and approximately 20,000 staff members. Additionally, the agency is subject to increased levels of public and Government scrutiny due to the work it performs to support vulnerable populations and the high visibility of its mission. 

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